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2009 CP Short Snorter

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CoinPeople Short Snorter 2009



Post your name here if you want to participate. Pick out a great note and be ready to mail it to me quickly. I'm planning to mail the package of notes to the second signer on April 1,2009. (I know that sounds a long way off but, trust me, in things like this there will still be people who miss the deadline.) All signups done by March 1,2009 and notes for the SS2009 must be in my hands by March 15,2009.


    -You supply a note to be signed and returned to you.
    -Your forum name and SS2009 must appear on your note and any protective sleeve you use.
    -Only low value notes allowed. Things do get lost.
    -Each participant agrees to hold the notes for no more than 5 days.
    -Each participant agrees to send the notes to the next person on the list via USPS Priority Mail - Insured (or the European, Canadian, whatever, equivalent)
    -The parcel is to be insured for $50.00 US
    -Participants will post in the tracking thread when they received the notes and when they send them on to the next person
    -Notes may be contained in a protective sleeve.
    -Notes must be a size that allows note and any protective sleeve to fit in a business letter envelope.
    -Each person is responsible to handle the notes carefully to avoid damage and or loss.


OK enough rules. Let's go. Signup here. I'll PM mailing instructions to those who may need them

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Just a bump and reminder. Don't miss out on this fun project. You'll treasure your short-snorter forever.

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I'm officially without internet service now and for some time to come - I think. So I'm going to suspend this project until I can get back online regularly. Sorry folks.

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