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need help to identify medieval Asia coins


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I have bought this lot of 40 coins, many of them with arabic writing. Someone have recomanded me to go and search on www.zeno.ru , but I don't know to read arabic letters and there is a big base of coins to search. If is anyone that can help me and give me some useful informations to make my work more easy.


Thank you.








Some others pictures you find heare: http://cristophshop.3x.ro/Altele.html

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Please tell me for those one if you can tell me from wich country are. I think those are in good condition then the others and maybe will be more easy for you to identify them.




If will help you I can post tomorrow some pictures for them on my website and post the link heare or on pm. For moment I'm at work.


Thank you verry much for your help, will be great for me to know where are from those coins.

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I'll just give you a quick answer now and then return to this later. My immediate impression is that they belong to these dynasties:


1. Abbasids.

2. Ottomans.

6. Ayyubids.

7. Ayyubids, Aleppo, al-Zahir, Mitchiner# 842-843, the one I mentioned in the other thread.

8. Ummayads.

10. ?

12. ?

14. Mamluks.

20. ?

25. ?

30. Umayyads.

31. Seljuqs of Rum.

32. Ayyubids.


I'll give you one piece of advice - if you intend to actually collect medieval Arabic coins, the key is to learn how to read the inscriptions. This takes a bit of work, but is not impossible. If you are satisfied with having only a few sample pieces, that's probably too much trouble.

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Don't worry I have time a lot.


I have post the pictures of the coins on my website. Those are the ones I have keep for me. those was in good condition and much of the leggend are intact. i hope I have rotate corectly the image and that is the position of the legend.




Thank again for your help.


I don't know if I will collect Arab coins, those was verry chep (0.50 euro per coin) and that is why I Ihave bought them. For moment I have study about medieval european coins, maybe in the futures I'll read about arab coins also.

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Here are two of the coins on your website. This is a nice way of studying history, by the way.


The original Seljuq realm (the Great Seljuqs) broke up into smaller states, some of them were ruled by the Zangid family. You've got a Zangid coin from Syria:


"Moneda 13" on your website: Zangids of Aleppo (12th century AD): Nur al-Din Ismail ibn Mahmud (1174-81): fals, Mitchiner# 1135. Obv. (left hand image) inscribed "al-Malik / al-Saleh", rev. (right hand image) "Ismail / bin Mahmud".


Shortly after Nur al-Din Ismail's death, the Ayyubids gained control of Syria. You've got one Ayyubid coin from Syria (coin no. 7 above / "moneda 10 on your website"). Eventually, the Ayyubids were supplanted by the Mamluks. You have one Mamluk coin from Syria:


"Moneda 11" on your website: anonymous coin of the Mamluk dynasty. Obv. (right hand image) inscribed "zarb", rev. (left hand image, upside down) "bi-Hamah", meaning "struck at Hamah". Hamah is a town in Syria. Being anonymous, I suppose it cannot be ascribed to a particular ruler, but I would say 14th century AD.


After the Mamluks came, of course, the Ottomans, who also ruled in your own region.

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Here's another Ayyubid coin: "Moneda 8" on your website (coin no. 32 above). It's a fals of the Ayyubids of Hamah. On the obverse (right hand image), caliph al-Nasir (1180-1225) (theoretically supreme temporal and spiritual authority) is cited. On the reverse (left hand image), no less than two rulers are cited: al-Mansur I Mohammed (Ayyubid ruler at Hamah 1191-1220) and his overlord al-Aziz (Ayyubid ruler of Egypt 1193-1198). At bottom of the reverse, the mint is indicated: "Manbij". Thus, the coin was minted in Manbij during 1193-98.

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I have begin to identify myself some coins after your indication on zeno.ru, please give a little help with a good identification if is possible. I make the identification after the image and not reading the legend on them.


I have look at the Umayyad Caliphate coins number 14 and 9 from my website, like coin numerul 9 I have founded some coins but I can't deceide wich of them it's. I think moneda 4 is a Umayyad coins also.


Can you tell me if that is the legend on moneda 9? Obv: There is no God but Allah Rev. Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah

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