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Goodmorning and welcome. I hope that you enjoy it here. Tell us a little about yourself. What do you collect? Where do you live in Italy? Do you have other hobbies you'd like to mention?

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I thank you all, for your welcome. I collect different kinds of modern coins, of different countries, in their historycal and institutional developments.

My favourite collections regard Russia, UK, Italy, Germany and former British territories.

Because of my work, I use to travel a lot, along Italy (mainly Genoa and Rome).

I'm not a big expert, so that I hope I'll be able to learn from other members.

Hear you soon! :ninja:

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It's just a picture I downloaded from internet.


I chose it, for 4 reasons, mainly


I like it :ninja: ;

It represents the beginning of the period that interest me, fo my collections;

i like history if the French revolution and Jacobine movement;

It's the same avatar I use in another numismatic forum, based in Italy, so that someone could recognize me, if he has subscribed to both the fora.


Anyway, I can tell you that is a very famous symbol of a Jacobine section, in Paris and you can find it, easily if you make a search in internet. It appears in almost every photographic book, about the French Revolution

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