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Half dollar, anyone?


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Listed in the current Sheridan Downey mail bid auction.




99.Half-Dollar Montage, 1801 to present. Unique! This remarkable curiosity brings together NINE distinct types of U.S. half-dollars! Close inspection reveals the following fragments: 1. Draped Bust, Large Eagle (1801-07); 2. Capped Bust, Lettered Edge (1807-36); 3. Capped Bust, Reeded Edge (1836-39); 4. Seated Liberty (1839-91); 5. Barber (1892-1916); 6. Walking Liberty (1916-47); 7. Franklin (1948-63); 8. Kennedy (1964-present); and 9. a reverse that is a genuine Texas Centennial Commemorative (1934-38). The method of “manufacture” remains a mystery. I’m guessing that the unknown artisan used thin fragments of real coins to create this comical masterpiece. Here is a MUST for the half-dollar collector!



Ex Bill Fivaz and Henry Hilgard via MB 17, lot 269, May 1996. Error Trends Coin Magazine pictured the item on the cover of its April 1996 edition, posing the question, “Huh, Can you figure it out?” To my knowledge no one did.

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