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What is going on with the US Mint???

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So, the first spouse for Van Buren comes out, so I figure, time to place my order for the year. So on 12/3 I loaded my cart on the US Mint website with 4 liberty spouse coins, 2 proof sets, 2 mint sets, 2 silver proof sets, an unc silver eagle and the two liberty first spouse medals, total just under $2400, put in my card and figured with the upgrade to expedited shipping I should have it in a week at the most, so told them to ship to my office so someone could sign for the fedex. Well, now it's over 2 weeks later, less than a week before Christmas, and my order is still "in process" even though all the items but one are "in stock and reserved." I don't know what is going on over there, everytime I call I get a different story (including one on the 15th that they were scheduled to be shipped on the 9th, why you would schedule something that occurred in the past is beyond me). Could this be all the workers ticked about losing their jobs? Could they have timed that transition at a worse time? Will there by lumps of coal in stocking in state quarterville this year? Or, am I just unlucky?

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After a several year hiatus from ordering from the mint I got adventurous and ordered the BU 1 oz platinum back in November. Same shipping issues, but it arrived finally - and was damaged. It had the same rim damage that apparently several hundred of them had. So I returned it, and got the credit back right away. But I am done with buying from the mint. Not even the 2009 UHC $20 will make me bite for another lousy mint experience.

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I'm sstuck "in process" too.


I knew not to order from the mint when I saw this poster hanging on their wall :-P



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