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Couple of interesting Chinese 100 cash coins from Honan


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I bought some coins and this two coins came as added bonus:






These two coins are from Honan, currently known as Henan. They are quite massive as they are 4cm in diameter and weighing at 20grams easily. Probably the largest Asian copper coin that I have in my collection.


Here is an image comparison:




If I am not wrong, the size of the Aussie 5 cent coin is about the same as a Lincoln cent. The 1931 100 cash coin in particular seems to be relatively uncommon as seen here:




Although it wasn't sold, the asking price is kinda surprising. Is the price somewhere around there? Tried looking everywhere else but so far not successful. Anyone else collects coins of this type?

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At one time some of these large Chinese Republican coppers, including this one as well as some coins from Kansu and Shensi, were relatively scarce in the West. However, this is no longer the case. A good example is the HSU 9 Nationalist Commemorative 20 cash, which is a Kansu coin. The 2009 Standard Catalog has a price on this of $400 in VF, and fifteen years ago or so that's what they went for at auction, but today you would be lucky to get $50 since many more genuine pieces have come on the market from China. Same goes for your Y 398 Honan 100 cash, catalog says it is worth $95 in F - I would sell it in my shop for $15-20. Still OK for a freebie I guess!

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For sure they are less common than 10 and 20 cash, but they show up regularly. You need to check dealers that are strong in Chinese coins, not too many are. There are a couple of reliable ones on eBay (lindascoin and wattwat are two I have dealt with previously with good results), and you might also try Frank Robinson (www.fsrcoin.com) or my own shop at www.numisphere.com. I usually have a larger Chinese inventory than I do at present but have been selling a lot of them recently. I had a Y 398 a while ago but it was sold. They do sell quickly if you price them right, but not at the catalog prices.

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