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Aethelwulf of Wessex Penny


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King Aethelwulf of Wessex, 839-858.


This is a penny, the moneyer Deagheah minted this coin at Canterbury mint.


This is the first known example of this type of coin, Portrait/Cross and Wedges, to have been minted by Deagheah. So another unique coin to add to my list and allows numismatists to place another tick next to Deagheah for the types he struck. A leading expert had this to say; "The Aethelwulf is new to me: I have not seen this specimen before, and you are right about it being a new type. It is, therefore, quite an important coin, as new types or variants for Aethelwulf only come up very rarely these days."


The map below might be of interest, with regard to that map I live just to the south of the K in Kent. The coin above comes from Wessex, a fair way west of London.


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