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Can anyone please help me? I am trying to design some coins on Photoshop but am having trouble with the basic elements.


1) How can I make an ordinary photo appear to look metallic (like it has been struck by a dye)?

2) How can I make the text seem 'incuse' into the metal?


Any help is much appreciated

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Maybe this is what you want and will help. Below is a picture and the modification of that picture. It was done on Photoshop Elements 5. I've seen other versions and the CS version of the program, they will all do this. It was very simple, load the image, then drop the "filter" menu, select "stylize", then "emboss". Play with the emboss controls a little for sharpness and relief depth. After this, there were still some color elements left but I got rid of that by dropping the "enhance" menu. There are a couple of ways of doing that through "adjust color".


I didn't try it but I'm sure the program will treat text the same way. Actually I know it will, see the "WH" on the Harrier's vertical stabilizer?





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