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Bahamas Franklin mint cameo proofs, uncs and matte


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I always admired the beauty of the Caribbean coinage and especially Bahamas minted in 70's and 80's when Franklin mint was ust innovating their 3 different mint techniques. These coins are quite frequent, especially for dedicated collector and I had almost all of them excluding larger gold mintage of Bahamas a few years ago wehn I just started collecting coins. Still to this date they can easily capture both novice and experienced collector. Here are several examples I have.


Of course all of these and ore are also posted in my on-line collection.



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Franklin mint also minted so called brilliant uncirculated coins for non-circulation sets with a strikingly fine finish but distinctively different from both proof and matte. This 2 dollar coin was originally included in one of the 946 uncirculated sets that were available by subscription. I am wondering how many are left intact now. Obverse is a bit clouded.



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