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A local business owner asked me to attribute and appraise some material he inherited. Most of it was in boxes and envelopes over 100 years old. It was stunning to me. But when I went to the auction websites, looked at catalogues, talked to dealers, the objects brought little more (allowing for inflation) than they did back then. Medals are what coins are supposed to be. This is from my personal collection. I have no idea what it is worth because, basically, they paid me to take it off their hands, if you want to think about it like that.


(Image of Heath Literary Award Bronze 2nd Place removed 24Sept2010 - mem)

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Medals are a great collecting subject and do hold value depending on subject, artist, and proper marketing. I know my Heath is not for sale, but I've always been outbid on historic ANA award medals I've sought for my collection. I've had much more luck pursuing convention medals and badges.

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