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Bolivia UN BOLIVIANO's - continued


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I revised this post to add several more coins below plus the details.



Here is what the wind blowing from the South brough :ninja:. Nicest I have so far 1871 Potosi Boliviano, KM-155.4, normal wreath, 9 stars, dash and a dot; I call it almost uncirculated.


Here as well http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view_enlarge.aspx?id=956338



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almost uncirculated?

Um-m, yes. Well, I could call it uncirculated but the breast feathers on the condor are smoothed off just a touch. If it was to be graded it would probably get MS62-63, maybe higher. I do not know what is NGC's census for this issue (they finally made it members only) but they do not have varieties listed there which would be another reason not to send it in unless I want to sell. I could have as well undergraded it but since I am a collector and not a dealer that leaves me something to look forward to :ninja:. And I have little faith in grading services, I prefer my own eys on the coins I have experience with. I do buy graded coins to see how professional grading matches up with my own feeling for the coins and grades. But not for varieties or things not yet fully catalogued. For example on my 60-70's Israel coins I have at least four or five varieties that are not listed anywhere.

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Well, since there is some interest I'll continue this post extending it beyond Boliviano coinage. Here is a unusual 1879 20 centavos. Its rarity is the contribution to the fact that after parting with Bolivar's portrait on it's early republic coinage and with the brief special Melgarejo types Bolivia used human portraits only three times - once in the XIX century with this portrai of president Daza and then again only on 2 occasions in XX century - on 1951 10 boliviano and in 1975 3 coin series of 100, 200 and 500 pesos bolivianos.



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