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Just noticed this


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Don't see these auctioned very often:


15 roubles 1897, small head (Kazakov 99, 2nd obverse variety)


Sold at €85.000,- (a lot less than the Kazakov price of $200,000)!


I saved the pictures for reference purposes.

Coin was not listed as pattern and just couple dealers noticed before auction start .It is interesting experience to find Rarity.


I remember then Gorny #85 polupoltinnik of 1726 was listed as Novodel but it was original pattern coin.


In my experience I have win on the Auction in US for little more then $200.00 Ruble of 1734 with divided date “17 34”/ picture for lot was not added to catalog/.

Never stop looking for Rarity and one day you will be lucky. ;)

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