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Netherlands Jeton Circa 1672

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The Franco-Dutch War (1672–1678) UTRECHT (1581-1795) Copper Jeton 25mm. Feuardent 15023


Shows a woman rousing a sleeping man from under a tree, whilst pointing to the town in the distance & saying O.THOMA .RESVEILLE (O Thoma awaken) the Rev: Shows a soldier(perhaps Swiss) with sword & halberd (in fact a partizan) accompanied by a Drummer-boy, trying to recruit a man armed with a gun and sword who is exiting a Barbershop, by saying MARCHE.A.MOY.LA.VIOLETE (March with me in the Violets).

The Violets with the Marigolds, Lilies etc were Rhetorical Guilds in the Netherlands I assume that some perhaps had turned into Shooting Guilds or at least raised their own Militia. These Jetons from the Netherlands are much rarer than French & German ones. This one is particularly rare.

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