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Why is this not a possible idea?!


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After seeing so much counterfeit coins online, and buyers falling into them, I guess it is time to fight against them as I got quite sick seeing such things.


With the power of huge computer storage, I cannot see why we cannot possibly catalogue XXXXXXL resolution sized images and details. Of course, it is very time-consuming, but one advantage that I can see from this is that we can possibly record previously unrecorded overdates, overstrikes, errors, and possibly unique coins.


Of course, I do know that Omnicoin.com does something very similar but what I am looking for additionally is ultra high resolution images; not just some awful coin catalogue sized images.


But I guess, the only disadvantage over this is supposely if counterfeits ever get access to such catalogues, who knows what they can do... :ninja:


What is your opinion on this? ;)

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The problem would be confirming that the coins are indeed counterfeit. That would have to be done by qualified persons. It cannot always be done based on pics alone and must be done with coin in hand. I will agree that sometimes it can be done based on pics.


The next issue would be the pics - who would take them ? Next would be the web site - who builds, it maintains it and most of all pays for it ?


Resolve those issues and I think you have a great idea. One that has been tried before by the way. It failed miserably - because those issues were not resloved.

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Most definately, I agree with GDJMSP's point of view. Least, I guess that I can start off by collecting high quality scans of my coin collection to start off with. I guess I have to start the snowball running or this plan will never take off. :ninja:


But honestly, I am not too overly concerned over bandwidth issues or maintainance issues in the first place; it's more towards content wise. I could always use those "free" space and since I am just planning to upload jpgs or pngs only, you could always use photobucket.com or imageshack.com If matters arise, I guess that is when I have to get a server. ;)


You see, *most* counterfeits found online are awfully easy to tell by some details, and honestly very disgusting. Of course, the main reason is because quite a lot of us have been collecting coins for quite some time by now and could tell them right away. ;)


My view is that at least, by "educating" newcomers by some details of coins and specifications, hopefully they would learn to avoid such coins.

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