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Early Elongated Coins


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The World's Columbian Exposition is credited with produced the first elongated (smooshed) coins. I recently acquired an 1892 Barber dime from the Columbian Exposition:




I got the dime as a mate to my 1883 Liberty nickel rolled in 1894 at the California Midwinter International Exposition:




Many US denominations as well as foreign coins were rolled in Chicago. A good representative sample of the many coins can be reviewed at a web page discussing the die varieties. Click on each die number to see representative examples. Note that three dies are listed as being modern restrikes as opposed to original rolled coins (i.e. old coins that have been rolled on modern dies as opposed to having been made in 1893).

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I love them. Always wanted to get a Columbian Expo on a nice IHC. Have never found one that I liked enough to spend the asking price. I think 1936 Chicago Expo is the earliest of these that I have.

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Neat! I've only seen Columbian expo IHCs, never a dime.


There are a host of hosts for the Columbian elongates including foreign coins, a large cent, and a Hawaiian half dollar. There also also a number of modern restrikes, but they have distinctive die traits to distinguish them.

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