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After about 12 years...


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I've been complaining about a coin that was stolen from me in seventh grade. It was a 1580 German-Saxony Taler of the Albertine line given to me by an elderly gentleman who had no children and passed away not even a year after he gave it to me. After about ten or eleven years I decided to finally buy another one to just have it. I really liked the coin and finally broke down and got one, it wasn't the one that was stolen, but it was all I could do about it.


This is what I purchased.



Anyway, I got an email from a couple who I had given my business card to a long time ago. I always talked to these folks about coins, and they had a pretty deep interest in history and whatnot. About a month ago I told them about this coin I used to own and how a class-mate stole it (under the assumption he was going to translate it for me), and then left the school district a short time later. It turns out they were the parents of the kid who stole the coin from me. And after about twelve years of never expecting to see it again, it was returned to me yesterday by them!


Here is my coin, a little polished looking in the center of his armor from rubbing in the case for a long time, so I assume the kid who took it carried it around for a while... Anyway, I couldn't be happier, I have a coin that was stolen back in my collection! I am also happy because the man who gave it to me did so because of my interest in coins and history, and now the purpose of him giving it to me is fulfilled I suppose, this coin has a lot of sentimental value to me. Yay for the occasionally honest person!




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Great story, and neat coins (both of 'em!) :ninja:

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In all honesty this is one of those stories that should have never happened in the first place. My own naivety was the sole reason he was able to take the coin in the first place. Although at the time we were friends in school, we were not close. I should have, if he ever really did intend on actually translating it, written down the inscription and kept the coin. But, like most of us, I have perfect hind-sight. :ninja:


I was just lucky that his parents were more honest than he was. Regardless though, the coin was really found again by a coincidence. He had moved out of his parents house right after highschool, so about eight years ago, and they were cleaning out a shelf in his sisters old room. Well, something was hidden amongst the books, and it just happened to be my coin. I assume he either traded/sold it to his sister, or hid it there in case anyone came looking for it. Regardless because of his parents being truthful, the coin was returned as soon as it was discovered.


It was certainly a good lesson for me to learn early, and I had never made the same mistake after that. Luckily my story has a happy ending and I know not everyone has the same luck in these matters. To say I was lucky to get this coin back is an incredible understatement, it is a disjointed series of events that led up to its returns, but any way you look at it, it's remarkable it's back with me.

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Interestingly, you now have a set of two of those coins now. Almost like fate has dropped your original coin back into your hand so that you now have an opportunity to pass on a piece of history to some youngster who may have an interest. :ninja:

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Remarkable story, and rest assured, I was just as naive and trusting as a kid and paid dearly for it.


Come to think of it, I'm still pretty naive... :ninja:


Nice to meet you, hiho! In case you didn't know, I am the resident coin-translator, soo...





Awesome story, though. Very happy that you got it back Vfox. Even though you spent so long kicking yourself over your mistake, you didn't let it hold you back from learning more, investing yourself in the hobby, and helping to foster the interest in others. And the end result was that it was returned to you because of that... very, very cool.

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