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Charles II Lorraine & Margaret of the Palatinate C.1700

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From the series of medals of the Dukes and Duchesses of Lorraine.


French medal, struck in the early 1700s, bronze, approx 48mm across, plain edge, no edge mark, depicts Charles II, Duke of Lorraine (1364-1431) and his wife Margaret of the Palatinate (1376–1434). Charles was a major participant in some late Crusading movements. He was at Tunis in 1391. He took part in the so-called Last Crusade which culminated in the disastrous Battle of Nicopolis in 1396. There he accompanied John the Fearless, the count of Nevers and son of his friend Philip. In 1399, he assisted the Teutonic Knights in Livonia.


The SV below the busts is for Saint Urbain, Ferdinand de: Ferdinand de Saint Urbain (1658-1738) was one of the best known medallists of the end of the seventeenth and first four decades of the eighteenth century. He was born in Nancy and studied drawing and painting, but on the invasion of Lorraine by foreign armies, he left his native country and traveled through Germany and Italy where he began to practice the art of die-engraving. Although largely self-taught, he soon obtained official recognition as a medallist. In 1673 he was appointed Mint Engraver at Bologna, and later went to Rome where Innocent XI placed him at the head of the Papal coinage with the title of Chief Engraver and Architect. After a stay of over thirty years in Italy, he returned to Nancy. In 1707 he was appointed Engraver to the Mint, where he executed most of the coinage for Duke Leopold of Lorraine. Many of his finest medals were also executed in Nancy, including his Series of the Dukes and Duchesses of Lorraine, the Medallic Series of the Regency of the Duke of Orleans, and the Medallic Series of Popes.

St. Urbain was a member of most of the Italian Academies and of many other European ones, and he was decorated by Clement XII with the Order of Christ.

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A 'unifaced tin medal' of the reverse went for a high price in Sept 2009. Strange there is no mention of S.V. for Saint Urbain etc. 00641q00.jpg

Lot number: 641

Price realized: 145 CHF (approx. 137 USD as of the auction date) Note: Prices do not include buyer's fees.




No.: 641

Schätzwert/Estimate: CHF 180

Margaretha von Bayern, *1363 +1421. Einseitige Zinnmedaille o. J. MARGAR. A. BAVARIA – DVCISSA. LOTH. ET. MAR Drapiertes Brustbild mit Schleier nach links. Rv. Papieraufkleber mit no 15 Margerite de Baviere. 16,22 g. Vorzüglich.

Zweitjüngste Tochter des Herzogs Albrechts I. von Straubing-Holland. Verheiratet mit Herzog Johann "Ohnefurcht" von Burgund.

From CoinArchives.com

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That is a beautiful medal, I must agree. In addition to the design I'm taken with the actual striking of the medal. Both sides appear in high relief with great depth and the mass of the metal in the same areas. A very carefully executed piece.

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