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Shield nickel and others

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Shield nickel in G/VG grade. I believe that it is a 1883/2, but because I can't tell for sure (the bottom of the 3 is worn), I'll just call it a 1883 and leave it at that. There is something going on with the 3 though. Nice lower grade type coin, no damage, just wear. $15.00 delivered. PM me if interested.


1853 arrows at date half dime. Decent coin, VG obverse/AG reverse, very darkly toned-hasn't been handled since 1875 (not really-it's just a marketing ploy, but it has been stored for a long time. - SOLD


no date type I silver 3¢ piece. Has original color, good detail and a couple scratches, but no date, although you could put one on with a felt-tipped pen very easily...I suggest going with 1851. Anyway, would be OK in a type set...$3.00


1955 Franklin half dollar (not Bugs Bunny variety), nice AU - $20.00


1891-) seated Liberty dime, AG or so (you can see the date and mint-mark if you have eye-sight like Ted Williams), original surfaces - $3.00


1891 seated dime, F detail, but numerous cuts make me believe that it was used for cutting the tips off cigars or as a training aid for a Victorian sadist. $2.00


Delivery will be a buck or so and maybe if you buy more than one or a bunch I won't charge anything for shipping as I sometimes do that for people just out of a whim and nothing more so if you want to buy these coins rest assured that I will endeavor not to take advantage of you and may even throw something in like the new book that I'm reading about how to write longer sentences that convey your meaning so others can understand you.

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