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Posting photos.

Guest Aidan Work

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Guest Aidan Work

Here's an enquiry that I have wanted to ask for a while.How do you post photos? Can a member demonstrate & leave instructions?



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it all depends on where the image is.


if it's online, like:


surround it with img tags.


it will end up looking like:



if the image is on your hard drive, you have the option of downloading it into your coinpeople gallery and following the directions above, or you can add it as an attachment. when you're making a new post or replying to one, you'll see a box near the bottom for adding attachments (right above the "submit" button). finding and attaching images this way will give you this:



if you don't have a coinpeople gallery yet, you can create a new gallery by going to: my controls -> your albums -> create first album


and as always, if you want an image anywhere on the web and you don't know it's code, right-click it. highlight the address (url), right-click that to copy it, and paste it into your posts. surround that with the img tags mentioned above, and you're in business.

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