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Sold Please remove; 1923 and 1935 scarcer Canadian notes 4 sale-make an offer

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After a dog's age of noy being on the site, I figured it was time to make another appearance; I have some descent harder to find earlier Canadian Banknotes for sale or trade, throw me an offer if you are interested, I am going to attempt to provide some scans of the notes, grades should be approximate, prices marked on notes are Canadian Catalogue Prices, so roughly 80% of the marked price would be equivalent to U.S. funds.Catalogue numbers are from the Canadian Charlton banknote book, the one used by all dealers and collector's in Canada, so prices should be fairly accurate, although the prices are from the 2006 book. I'm sure there are pick#'s for these as well, but I don't have the world paper money book. I am back into the swing of things again, and hope to be doing some more postings as I get a bit more into the coins and paper money again.I am Paypal verified, will accept money orders, cash, Canadian Tire Money... On a footnote, we are all healthy and ok, a lot of things happened in the past, most not too great, but all is good. Cheers

-I tried to upload the notes, but it is not letting me upload them. I will have to send the scans by e-mail if anyone is interested

Here are the catlogue numbers etc.:

DC25e-1923 issue $1 bill in good condition, signature Cavour-Saunders c.v.$20.00

DC25e-1923 issue $1 Bill in VF+ condition, nice clean colours Cavour-Saunders signature c.v. $225.00

DC25o-1923 issue $1 Bill in VF condition, nice note, good colours Campbell-Clark Signature c.v. $65.00

DC26J-1923 issue $2 Bill in Vg condition, a very scarce note,fairly limp, but intatc with no apparent rips,tears c.v.$100.00

BC-3- 1935 issue English issue note in vg condition, the 1935 series is difficult to get in almost any condition-Osborne-Towers signature c.v. $65.00

BC-3- 1935 issue english note, same as the one above but in fine condition c.v. $120.00

Once again, my apologies; If you are interested, please pm me with e-mail address as well and I will send you the scans. Thanks

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