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Is this a known variety?


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Over 100USD - good grief ;)


And just when I bought a 2003 no mintmark 5 kopek to try and complete my modern Russian coins, this just makes it more difficult. WCO - what catalog do you use for modern coins struck after 1992?


Just a quick check, there are some rare 2003 1, 2 and 5 ruble sold on molotok - amazing prices. :ninja:http://www.molotok.ru/search.php?string=20...68&order=pd

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If you think 2003 coins are rare, try to find 2001 50 Kop, 1 and 2 Rubles. Complete collection of Russian coins in circulation is very challenging task.


Also some of 2003 coins on molotok seem to be off metal strikes, they look yellow but should be white (Copper-Nickel-Zink). Therefore very high price.


Short monthly updatable list of coins of USSR and modern Russia you can download on Russian forum: http://www.rare.su/viewtopic.php?f=56&p=31941#p31941. October is available. I myself use catalogue of Adrianov and Konros brochure.



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