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war notes


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Well here are a few of my war notes some are in bad shape and others look nice


1945 Japan 50 Sen




1944 France 5 franc




1944 German 5 mark




1942 Philippine 5 pesos




1942 Philippine 25 centavos countersigned




1943 Burma 1 rupee



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I like them a lot and have a number in my collection (I still have some 40 from the Philipines to scan LOL)


I was fortunate to have found a London dealer that was selling a hoard of the Guerrilla notes. It's a great fun searching through the lot and attributing them. have any in bulk you wouldn't mind trading?


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Sorry Dave all mine are different :ninja: Can I ask who the London dealer was, I am allways on the lookout for new sources LOL


appropriately enough, London Coin. they do high-volume auctions.

for that matter, i have 5-10 pages of them listed at my site. i've been hoarding them....

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