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couple new Conders for me and a few questions

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These are my new ones.


I have a question on the first one. It reads "PAYABLE IN LONDON LIVERPOOL OR BRISTOL" so that is a D&H-1039b...right?

Now, I am trying to find out which one is rarer, mine D&H-1039b or D&H-1037?


Or are they both the same rarity?


Also, what grade and value for mine?











and, this one is just a great fun piece :ninja:




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I've no idea of the rarity but I would grade the top one a strong VF and maybe VF+.


The Shire Hall token (a real beauty) looks to be XF+ or AU.


Nice Conders!

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This is the same as the second token, the obverse is struck with a very new die and the roof, top of the columns and detail in the windows is even sharper detailed than your beautiful example, but the reverse is struck from a cracked and worn out die. The obverse is AU, but what is the reverse!!!

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