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Medieval Chinese Paper Money


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A few did. Here's a link with some information and photos of banknotes about a third of the way down under the titles Ancient Chinese Cash Notes - the World's First Paper Money - Part I and part II: Link They are quite nice articles on ancient Chinese money.



Which collections they are in is another thing - it's hard to find them online. I only see the same old images in books and online. Perhaps they're mostly in museums now. But here's a nice link to Tom Chow's site (he's a member here too!) Link

that is interesting.



I've actually seen a few supposedly ancient Chinese notes on Ebay - the last one I saw was from 1378. Of course, it was on sale from china, and it's probability that it is fake kept me from bidding on it.


Hope this helps a bit.

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Thanks Dave that does help. Especially the auction information. $4000 for the 1 kuang note is probably at the high end of my price range for anything. Not sure I'd spend that on something fragile like paper. If I could I wouldn't mind one from the Yuan dynasty though. It's good to know that they are at least out there. I certainly wouldn't buy one on ebay but from a reputable auctioneer.

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Here's a couple of them that sold recently. I'm surprised that they didn't sell at a higher price.







That was a very good auction, well for me anyway, lots of nice Philippines and Netherlands notes.

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