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What do you think about these "monetary weights"?


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I saw a dozen of these offered for sale at a numismatic show in Romania few years ago. In my oppinion these are modern fantasies. Catherine in 1812? Anyway, the legend "Printz Moldav" (Moldavian prince) it is senseless at that time - Moldavia was under Fanariot rule (Greeks from Constantinople's suburb Fanar were the rulers in Moldavia and Wallachia).

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Considering all the obverse weights are struck from the same set of dies and those obscure chop marks denoting something or other about the money changer or wieght is probably also the same...I would have to say questionable at best. It's unlikely they would be made it such a haphazard manner as well. Assaying was a huge deal and everything would have been perfect on the weights. I can't say for sure, but the old saying goes "if you don't know, don't buy".

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