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Important Spanish Colonial Numismatic Auction


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Press Release: Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure Auction #4


Winter Park, FL — Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC announces the release of their new mail-bid Treasure Auction #4 by catalog and internet. The auction closes November 6. Highlights of this sale include: a California Gold Rush-era gold ingot from the S.S. Central America (1857) estimated at $125,000+ and also a gold bar marked with the "En Rada" stamp (Peña-Randa) from the Atocha (1622) estimated at $40,000+; the "Golden Fleece wreck" (ca. 1550) Special Research Collection of Mexican Charles-Joanna rarities (including the famous 3 reales of 1536 estimated at $10,000+ and many of the finest specimens of the first issues struck in the New World), as well as gold "finger" bars and silver "splash" ingots from the same wreck; a 1626 specimen of a Spanish 50 reales "cincuentín" (at 170 grams, the largest Spanish coin ever minted, most examples of which are only seen in museums) estimated at $15,000+; coins and artifacts from the newly discovered "Wild Horse River Wreck" (ca. 1620) in the River Plate off Uruguay; and Part I of the Treasure Library of Tom Sebring (author of Treasure Tales—Shipwrecks and Salvage).


Also for the first time, Sedwick's auction is accessible also through Sixbid, the worldwide online bidding platform. ( http://www.sixbid.com/nav.php?p=viewsale&sid=89 )

"We still encourage direct contact, however," states Sedwick, who stresses personal service as one of his company's unique aspects. As a mail-bid sale (i.e., not live), Sedwick's Treasure Auction #4 offers bidders more flexibility in terms of "either/or" and "total budget" bids. In Sedwick's words, "we feel everyone should come away a winner."


FULL FREE ACCESS TO ONLINE CATALOG HERE: http://www.sedwickcoins.com/treasureauction4_catalog.htm

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