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Various odd coins!

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Various different coins I have for sale.


I do combine to save on postage and I can give discounts. Please Private Message me if interested in any of these.


Basic airmail is $4. Must mention PayPal as I sell from the UK.


1/13 of a Shilling of Jersey, 1861. Apparently there were 13 Pennies to a Shiling on the island, as opposed to the usual

12 on the mainland! More information on this can be found here http://jerseycoins.com/pen13/pen13.htm






$10 8




25 Ecu fantasy piece 1992: St. George slaying the dragon (England)






$12 10




25 Ecu fantasy piece 1992: Edward the Black Prince (Wales)






$12 10




5 and 1 Franc of Katanga 1961

(Unfortunately I still cannot take perfect photos through mylar ;P )






$17 15



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Care to explain what you mean? :ninja:

Erm.. no, I'm just selling off a few extras I have, thanks for your interest.


Haha. You are selling a lot of coins! All great looking I just don't have a lot of money right now :-( It's all in the gas tank.

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