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Swedish jeton: Magnus Lagerberg, 1874

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Some months ago I´ve bought this jeton, because I find curious that on the bottom of the shield is a portuguese Christ's Order Cross.

As far as I was able to know, Magnus Lagerberg was a diplomat and chamberlain of the swedish King, but any more could I know about of his life, as any internet searchs results came out in Swedish.

Does anyone knows I anything about this jeton, or about Magnus Lagerberg and is liasions with Portugal?





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In 1870 he was appointed knight of the Portuguese Order of Christ, 1871 to the knights of the Hessian Philip the magnanimity, in 1874 to the knights of the Italian crown and the Saxon St. Albert. In 1881 he became associated with Crown Prince Gustaf (later Gustaf V's) MARRIAGE in Karlsruhe, commander of the languages liquors Zähringen Löwenorden, 1882, he was the Prussian Red Örnsorden, in 1883 the Austrian Franz Joseph Order and the 1884 Persian Sol and Lion Order . The row ended in 1899 with the Turkish Medjidijorden. In 1871 he was appointed chamberlain at the Royal Academy. Majts hoof, 1883, Knight of the order of Vasa, and in 1890 he became a corresponding member of the Royal Academy. Vitterhets, History and Antiquities Academy. In 1900 he became Honorary Member of the Swedish numismatic association.


Adam Magnus Emanuel Lagerberg, born March 13, 1844 at Rörstrands porcelain factory in Stockholm, died July 27, 1920 in Mariefred. Combs Lord, museum curator and numismatist. His father had already begun to construct a 1855 coin and medal collection, and it soon became one of Magnus main interests.


In the autumn of 1862, he was in contact with the newly formed Gothenburg museum. Through family (Bratt Magnus) became familiar with the publisher of Gothenburg's Trade and Maritime Magazine, SA Hedlund. He was then told that the museum had a small coin and medal collection, and a month later arranged with Magnus Hedlund to be involved as administrative assistant, then as unpaid quartermaster, at the coin and medal cabinet.


September 19, 1864 unexpectedly offered the post of ombudsman at the museum, with an annual income of 2 000 thalers.

In the two years he worked in his spare time as unpaid quartermaster at the museum he had shown a great ability to reproduce coin-cabinet collections and to get people to donate money. During the first four years he purchased the coin collections of 9 000 thalers, although allocated only 200 thalers a year.


In 1865 Lagerberg was appointed kammarjunkare at court, which is the lowest among the title among the Court nobility. He was then a member of the societies: Gothic League, then in Freemasons, and finally in Amaranterorden.


An image off the web, with him wearing the Portuguese Order of Christ, obviously he was a much honoured swedish diplomat.


I do not think he had any special ties with Portugal. Knightly honours were freely awarded to other nations prominent people, and in return your own prominent people received honours back.

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Swedish Auction


This is from the above catalogue:


89. LAGERBERG, Magnus (1844-1920). Kammarherre,

numismatiker. Spelpenning slagen i Brüssel 1874.

Graverad av Veyrat. Hy. II:310:3. Holst 138.

Åttkantig. Brons 33 mm.

1+/01-70 ................................................................................

...... (250)


I believe it is your medal, is yours 33 mm? Same engraver Veyrat & 1874

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