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Interesting patterns on molotok


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Are sellers on Molotok willing and or able to ship outside of Russia, for items not older than the 1945 "state treasure" definitions?


In a related story, a good friend just returned from a business trip to Samara, Russia. He was given a gift of a 60th anniversay of the great patriotic war souvenir medal, by a business associate. He was stopped at the airport, and told he must complete a 3" pile of paperwork to take it out of the country, at wich point rather than miss his flight, he surrendurred the medal. I suspect the customs agent was looking for a "tip"? Is paperwork really required for items like this?

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I'm not too sure what the regulations are. If the prices are a lot affordable, I would be very interested but at that price, I might as well buy the original instead of the "pattern".


I'm not too sure what the situation is like in Russia but in Australia when promotions were made to sell kilo platinum coins (yes, kilo platinum :ninja: ), copies were made so that dealers can display them to illustrate the size and design. Needless to say, it was a total disaster and the Australian mint never bothered with the idea of kilo platinum coins ever since. I guess a similar thing is / was going on back then.


I was searching molotok for the 1992 illusive pattern "coin" that I have as well as the scarcity of the 2003 5 kopek no mintmark.

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