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The Unknown prize

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Not really sure what it will be. But since I'm heading to North Carolina tomorrow and I'm sure there will be plenty tourist traps or parks around. I am going to try to find a coin/token/elongated cent etc. Anyways thats the unknown prize. I don't even know what it will be. When I get back I'll do a random pick of people who entered. Give me a day of rest after making it back so say about a week from Saturday the winner will be announced.

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I'm home. Two more days to sign up, got in the door about 1 hour ago. And still not unpacked just needed to sit down for awhile and relax. Also not saying what the prize is yet. But I did find something obscure. (At least I had not seen these before. ) Had fun there. More info on the trip in the Community forum.

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BlackHawk, come on down you are the winner.




Two Tobacco tags (Carolinas had to be the prize when I saw them.) Also can't get pass a piece of Unakite. The state stone. And not sure what is what anymore on all the pieces. So two unknown gems, could be garnet, ruby, or sapphire. (Ruby and sapphire are pretty much the same stone corundum just slight differences in mineral composition. Not cutters.)


Give me a PM where to send them.

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