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CD Catalog good idea?


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Thanks for the info. Think will get the actual catalog instead of counterfit.

A wise choice. I highly recommend Antikvarius in Ukraine. I was very pleased with the transaction I had with him. His price was extremely reasonable, my books arrived surprisingly quickly and were very carefully packed.

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Just started collecting a few coins, mainly russian, and some greeks.



Is that catalog real? Anybody have any information on what other catalogs it is good to be equipped with?

In addition to the paper edition (2 volumes) of the Bitkin catalog which others have already recommended, I would also highly recommend the Uzdenikov reference ... I think that most people have the 2nd edition, but there is also a third (with different numbering system, unfortunately). Although Uzdenikov doesn't list as many varieties as Bitkin does, and no prices, he does supply a great deal of background information which is not available anywhere else (or only with great difficulty to find). It is considered one of the standard "must have" references for the Russian imperial period.


For serious copper collectors, you should have Brekke (1977) as well as the two supplements published in 1987 and 1997 (or at least the original 1977 work + 1997 supplement). For gold and platinum, Severin ... and for silver, RW Julian as well as the Severin silver book (Julian only starts at 1796, whereas Severin also covers earlier periods). For collectors of Soviet-era coins, I can recommend the books by Rylov-Sobolin as well as by Yaroslav Adrianov. Finally, the Kazakov reference of Nicholas II era coins is very good; it has many varieties not illustrated elsewhere and superb photography of the coins illustrated.

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