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Any biographical info. on medalists Bessou, Erdmann, Mery.

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Good afternoon. I collect “Art Medals” and have tried to supplement my collection with biographical details of the artist/medalist. However, there are a few about whom I know very little. Can anybody add info. to these. I will be grateful for any additional information.


A. Bessou. (not found in Forrer’s Supplement)


Assumed French but no other data. Perhaps a jeweler rather than a medalist? Dates? Nationality?


A. Erdmann. (found in Forrer)


He appears to have modeled several of the medals issued by Antoine de Rivet and his signature occurs on various art medals (Forrer, Vol II). Is this the Swedish medallist Axel Erdmann (1873-1954) who was more a sculptor than an engraver? If not, then who !!!!!


André Mery.


Dates of birth and death unknown. Took part in the exhibition at Salon des Artistes Français in 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912 and 1914. Any dates or other info.?


Thanks again !!!!!

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Hi Rombalds, and welcome to CP.


I've just been googling your searches, especially French sites (French stuff is my area), but so far to no avail. It's particularly annoying that André Mery is also the name of a prominent contemporary vegetarian chef, and his name is everywhere... :ninja:

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I'll second the welcome. I have a few catalogs and publications about medals and medalists from Germany and France--no help. Sorry.

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