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I've always been interested in hubs and dies, but the opportunity to acquire nice examples don't present themselves very often. The antique automobile attracted me to the hub of a medalet (18.2 mm) produced by the French medalist, Felix Rasumny. Many of his early medals were used in jewelry and this hub is from the family collection of the heirs of Adrien Duseaux & Co.

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Year? Probably 1911. I bought the hub in a recent Stack's auction. They note that hubs do not normally survive in such nice condition because they are worn out making dies. I'm still looking for some equally nice dies for my collection as well. The ones I've seen to date have been rusted, too simple, or too expensive for my budget.

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I am sure you know this but just in case ......... forgive me if you already have this data.


Rasumny, Felix (found in Forrer)


Felix Rasumny (1869-1940) was a Russian engraver (born in Sebastopol) who emigrated to France as the Art Noveau culture spread beyond France. Entered the Ecole des Arts décoratifs of Paris. First exhibited at the Salon in 1887. Rasumny accomplished several major works (including the massive cast iron maquette celebrating the opening of Pont Alexandre III for the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle), as well as being commissioned to design medals (both military and civil), jewelry, medallions, and even officially-minted coins during the French Third Republic (like the 1929 10-franc coin). Many of his medals were made in conjunction with the Paris Firm A. Duseaux and Co. Even though he began his career in the Art Noveau style (as trained at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs under such masters as Millet, Gauthier and Tasset), in later years he adapted to the geometric precision of the Art Deco style. Silver Medal at the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

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