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Any on-line info on Soviet/Russia varieties?

Sir Sisu

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I am at home sick and have decided to browse though a small box of Soviet/Russian coins that I bought some weeks ago. Besides what is listed in the Krause, are there any other varieties to be looking for?


Speaking of the Krause, does it correctly label the 1990 10 kopeks w/o mintmark as the more valuable of the 2? On all the samples that I found, none of mine had the Leningrad mintmark.

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Sorry to hear that, hope you'll get well soon ;)

The only online-info I have found is this

It's about soviet and russian coins after 1991. If you need more help with these ask me and I'll do my best.


There might be some variants in the coins of the middle 70's, because during that time they redesigned the coat of arms. I am not sure about the exact change-date since my date-collection is not filled yet. Perhaps the Conros catalogue of soviet coins would know more. It costs about 5 euros on german eBay. I haven't got one yet, only the 1700-1917 one.


The 10 kopek 1990 without mintmark is very common and I have never seen one with a mintmark and I think there must be a mistake in Krause. 10 Kopek 1991 without mintmark (1990-obverse) is quite rare and sells for about 2 euros. Krause has very weird listings about the soviet coins 1990-1991.

I have encountered* these:

1 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M

2 Kop: 1990, 1991 L, 1991M

3 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M

5 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M

10 Kop: 1990, 1991, 1991L, 1991M, 1991M"II"

15 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M

20 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M

50 Kop: 1990, 1991L, 1991M, 1991L"II"

1 Rbl: 1990, 1991L, 1991M, 1991LMD

5 Rbl: 1991LMD, 1991MMD

10 Rbl: 1991LMD, 1991MMD


15, 20 and 50 kopeks 1965-1977 are quite hard to find too.

I hope you find some of the better dates :ninja:


*"I have encountered" doesn't necessarily mean the same as "I own" ;)

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Not likely to help but interesting...

Alexander Kutnetsov's site


Thank you for an interesting link! I've never seen it before, though I have spent hours searching for such websites.


Thanks! :ninja:

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If I am not wrong, the varities exist around the star and the rays in the crest area. This is still an area to study... so far, I am gathering all the data off from internet auction sites... they are proving to be quite interesting...


I suspect that the years 1923, 1924, 1961, 1984, and 1991 have some varieties, but I am not too sure. Time to get a catalogue I guess :ninja:;)

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