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3 QUEEN CAROLINE MEDALS, 1795-1820-1821

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April 8. 1795 Marriage Medal of Princess Caroline( the future Queen Caroline) to The Prince of Wales (the future George IV).Bronze 25mm.


Queen Caroline Protected by Her Country. 1820 WM.42mm Engraver J. Westwood. BHM#1025 RRR.


Queen Caroline Death Medal Aug.7th 1821. BHM#1138 WM. N. 40mm by Kempson.

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Nice set, but it seems she died rather young?


Thanks for the interest Bill, Queen Caroline; May 17, 1768 – August 7, 1821 so she was only 53, and there is some suspicion she was poisoned.


She had been living in Italy in exile but when her husband became king George the IV, she returned to England to claim position of Queen Consort (the second medal is her landing in England). King George asked his ministers to get rid of her. The Pains and Penalties Bill 1820 was introduced in Parliament in order to strip Caroline of the title of queen consort and dissolve her marriage. It was claimed that Caroline had been involved with a low-born man, Bartolomeo Pergami, on the continent. The bill passed the House of Lords, but was not submitted to the House of Commons as there was little prospect that the Commons would pass it. Caroline indicated that she had indeed committed adultery with one man - the husband of Mrs. Fitzherbert (referring to her own husband, King George).


On the night of the coronation July 21 1821, Caroline fell ill, vomiting, with an erratic pulse. She died three weeks later. Even up till her last moments, she was being reported on by a man named Stephen Lushington, who conveyed his insights to the King’s loyal supporter, the Prime Minister, Lord Liverpool. Exactly why this deathbed surveillance was carried out remains unclear, and the surviving documentation is patchy in the extreme. The exact cause of her death has never been ascertained, but Caroline was certain that she had been poisoned. Her physicians thought it to be an intestinal obstruction. Caroline, knowing she would die, forbade an autopsy. She died at age 53 on August 7, 1821. She legally remained queen consort of the United Kingdom, but she was buried in her native Brunswick. Her tomb bears the inscription "Here lies Caroline, the Injured Queen of England"


Thanks to Wikipedia for the info.


This was the real tragedy, the early death of her daughter Princess Charlotte during labour.


H.R.H. THE PRINCESS CHARLOTTE. K & S. Rev. GREAT BRITAIN MOURNS! HER PRINCES WEEP!. DIED NOV.6.1817. AGE 21. Issued by Kempson & Son. Bronze 39mm by J. Hancock

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