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Corky, how often do you search rolls? Also, how do you keep from going blind? Do you have a set up with magnifiers? Do you have a list of known errors and die varieties or do you look at every detail of every coin?


I always enjoy the pics,



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Hi George,

If I get a roll of coins it will be searched. I do not know how many cents I have searched... but it must be in the 100K range.

Most of the coins I am posting now are from big bags and lots I have bought during my couple years of collecting.


As far as going blind... I have to wear glasses for seeing anything close or far away. However, I have discovered since

I started all this searching it can be very tough to adjust my eyes after using a small diameter magnifier.

I purchased a set of magnifiers on e--y quite some time ago which have a larger viewing area. This way I can see more of the coin at once and decide whether or not it is worth extra time.


I check every little detail on a coin. If I think it is worthy I will put it in a little baggie and label it as to what kind of error I have noticed... from die chip to possible doubled dies... and go back later to verify it.

I do not toss a coin into the recycle bucket right away. Now and then I will check back through them and occasionally find an error I missed the first time.

Each time I find an error I check it out on whatever websites might have an example, or in the many books I have accumulated since beginning this endeavor. Lately the Lincolns have taken center stage and most all of my spare time.


I received a lot of help here at CP and a couple other forums which have increased my knowledge in ways that I could not have done on my own. There are a lot of amazing numismatists who are willing to share their expertise.


Thanks everyone,



(my apologies for being so wordy)

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