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Upon further examination; The "O" is missing.


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Went to Dayton. Very little Russian Material. Asked about the value of a Gangut and Alex III commemerative ruble in XF. Not much activity.

However I bought this coin on an impulse buy. I couldn't leave without buying something, right.

Upon further examination, I noticed the "O" in polushka was missing. The microscope doesn't show signs of an "O" in the first place. Planchet doesn't seem depressed in area. I guess its a mystery.


I guess I'll check the sources and hope for a Russian Millionaire who collects oddball coins.


PS If Mr. Elmen is reading this, I am interested in auctioning off the rubles.



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So then, its a "P'LUSHKA" ;)

Funny, I was 100% certain that I would find this word in my "Dictionary of Russian Obscenities" ... the closest word I could find was "PLËXA" (not to be confused with "PLOXO" :ninja: ) And "PLËSHKA" would be the endearing diminuitive ... (or not?) ;)

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