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Warning: To all Russian coin buyers


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This "coin" dealer on eBay by the name, "austseller123" is selling ultra rare Russian coins. If you didn't realize by now, MOST if not, ALL of what he / she is selling are counterfeit / copy / awful coins. Unless you would want one as a filler in your collection, just do not bid on them... Note of the private bids: you cant even warn the buyers that they are fake coins...






I have ultra high scans of some of the coins and they aren't anything like that... that is something I can guarantee you...

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All the commemoratives offered by this guy(?) are definately fakes, just like most of the rare russian coins sold in ebay. :ninja: Iif you know anythig about real coins you can easily spot the fakes, they just don't look right.


The thing which bothers me too is that they really are sold as real coins, measurements are from catalogue, not from the coin itself (White metal copy weighs considerably less than an original silver coin of similar size). Sadly many of the "better" coins sold at the ebay usually turn out to be fakes. That's why you really need to know what you want when collecting russian coins. Fakes are everywhere, be carefull.

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