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Peninsular War Medal

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Another coin I recieved from my grandfather, but was able to identify thanks to the searchable dates listed on the back. It appears to be a medal commemorating Wellington for his victories in the Peninsular War, but that's just about all I was able to gather on it. The years have evidently not been kind to it, so most of the outer lettering is worn off.


Does anybody happen to know any additional information about this medal, such as when it was made (it could have been made in mid-late 1812, or years later) and if it's actually worth anything?


Thanks a bunch!



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I think that it might well be a privatly commisioned medal for the campaign, this did happen quite often a practise quite often carried out by a general or field commander. The normal medal issued to the ranks would have been the Military Genral Service Medal with bars for the different battles the recipiant took part in, for the officers it would have been the Army Gold Medal or Gold Cross :ninja: there was also the Maida Gold Medal issued.


Just found this



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It was a half-penny token, issued in several varieties from about 1811-1815 and used both in Spain to pay the British troops and evidently sent in large quantities (perhaps after the wars?) to Canada. Many of the varieties are more common than many modern coins as they were made literally by the ton and often saved as souvenirs. My poor example that was linked to was purchased for about $6 including shipping on the Bay.

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