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1959D-1mm-008 or ?


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ohhhh corky! Your getting the same fever that I have had for years! My best find was an 1958 D #21 in an original roll.


I assume your using Chuck Daughtrey's www.coppercoins.com site?


It really is a great reference and I fully recommend it to anyone interested in the Lincoln cent varieties! I think chuck checks in here from time to time as well.

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(((fever that I have had for years!)))

Oh my yes, Matt!

I also discovered it the fever is not curable unless you find one of every error and variety coin ever listed, and then those that are not yet listed, then start at the beginning again.


(((My best find was an 1958 D #21 in an original roll)))

All I can do is to aspire to such finds... I can I can I can I can..............


Yep, coppercoins is great! Definitely more of the varieties I am interested in.

Even LCR which I joined a couple weeks ago... seems like yesterday.

This morning Bob Piazza accepted my membership in coppercoins.

He is a great guy... as is Chuck. I have been reading up on the posts of CC

and discovering more of, well, more.

I will never abandon CP because I have made many good friends here

and learned so much from you all.



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