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Straits Settlements gear for sale!

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Well I had fun collecting them, but now it's come time to flog the majority of my Straits Settlements coins so I can concentrate my resources on the British coins, especially hammered,

which I plan on expanding my collection of soon, especially with buying from auctions as I grow increasingly tired of thE-Bay.


Background history on the colonies of the Straits Settlements.


The Straits Settlements were a collection of territories of the British East India Company in Southeast Asia, which were given collective administration in 1826 as a crown colony, as distinct from the native princely states, some of which later formed the Federated Malay States. Initially, the Straits Settlements consisted of Penang, sometimes officially named Prince of Wales Island, Singapore with about a score of islets of insignificant size lying in its immediate vicinity, the islands and territory of the Dinding, Province Wellesley, the town and territory of Malacca and the islands of Labuan.


The flag of the Straits Settlements (adopted 1874)






Basic airmail is $4 but you can have any number of SS coins for this cost.


If you are interested in any, please send me a Private Message. Must mention PayPal as I sell from the UK.


Straits Settlements Half-Cent 1908 (rare date)






$25 19




Straits Settlements 1/2 Cent 1932 SOLD










Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1885










Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1875







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