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Set of Chinese "flags" 10 cash from early Republic


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I am offering a nice starter set of Chinese 10 cash copper coins, from the early Republican period (1912-1920). They are called "flags" cash because they all feature the two crossed flags of the Republic on the obverse. These are nice pieces from an old hoard that was put away in the 1930s, averaging VF or so, none cleaned or damaged. Most are common types but there are a couple of scarcer ones. You will get 14 coins, all different: Y 301, Y 301.6, Y 302, Y 302.2, Y 303, Y303.1, Y 303.3, Y 306.1, Y 307, Y 307a, Y A392, Y A392.1, and Y392 (the latter three from Honan province). I am also including a cast variety of Y 301 that was made by the warlords in Kansu province: this is an original period piece, not a modern copy.


I am selling this set for $12 delivered in the US (slightly more to foreign addresses) - that's less than $1 per coin. PM me if interested.


Thanks, Martin

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