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The best of the British Commonwealth


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*************** A DURESS NOTE ******************

This is one of my favorites in the BR. Commonwealth. It reminds me with lots of feeling and history during the WW II...

It also is one of the scarce notes to be found in the market....BTW, This is still legal tender in any hsbc branch.

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The Banco de Londres y Rio de la Plata was formed as a commercial bank in Uruguay during the 1850s with investors from London. This bank had an illustrious history, being one of two banks, the other namely Banco Italiano de Uruguay, that continued specie payments long after the Uruguayan government notes and other commercial banks suspended specie payments. They even continued to illegally pay their notes in specie after the Uruguayan government made it illegal in 1875. As a result, because of the goodwill of this bank with their customers, they continued issuing notes up until the early 20th century when finally the Uruguayan government took the monopoly of note issues.


This note is included here because it was printed for a bank with mainly London based investors, but also notably by Bradbury Wilkinson and Son's in London. This is actually quite a large sized note - 255mm x 135mm. This note is an unsigned remainder.

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Bradbury Wilkinson during it's heyday in the late 19th century rivalled American Banknote in printing technique and customer base. They printed lovely notes for a variety of countries, mostly British Commonwealth, but also several Latin American countries. This promotional note was created ca. 1920-1935 for distribution to potential customers. The attractive young lady has a Latin look to her, and this note could have been created to distribute in Latin America.


Bradbury Wilkinson continued as a separate entity until 1986 when it was fully merged into Thomas de la Rue and Company.

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