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1878-CC Morgan


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Another newer pickup for me.

Sent this one in to PCGS....wonder what it will grade?


Also looks struck thru grease on the lower reverse.


What are your thoughts?

















Received the image and grade tonight. Does anyone want to guess the grade?








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MS62 :ninja:


I think we all agree it's more like MS64.


Look on the bright side. At least it didn't come back bagged and tagged "Improperly Cleaned".


If you are feeling lucky "liberate" it and send it off to NGC.

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I would resubmit it to NGC. PCGS isn't a reliable grading service, IMO, despite their status as "THE TPG". Ebay sellers and HSN gave PCGS their overly inflated status. Any service that will assign mint state grades to chopmarked 8 Reale coins with circulation wear on them isn't to be taken seriously in my book. I've seen way too many AU 58 Morgans in PCGS MS63 holders to view PCGS as anything but a fraud.

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