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Hoard of coins I recently acquired from an auction!


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Recently acquired a nice hoard of Russian coins from the British auction house B. Frank & Son but I don't know much about these Russians at all so I could do with some opinions from all who are enthusiastic about them. I won them quite unexpectedly after making various hopeful bids at the lower end of the price estimations for many lots and these turned up with half a dozen Half-Crowns about a week ago.


First up, the Olympics collection of 1 Rouble commemoratives.







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Good grief Matt, fantastic photos but can you reduce the filesize on them? Not like everyone around the world has access to high speed bandwidth all the time.


Good news is, if you sell them on ebay, they should be worth quite a fair bit of money. The last time I saw an Olympic set going, it was over 100USD. I don't remember the exact final price but it could be anywhere near 200USD or so even though it's just a nickel copper set. Yes it's worth a decent amount. Not very common.


With regards to the second set, can you please confirm if all coins are either the original or the novodel? You can confirm them by looking at the edge where it is denoted as 1988 H for 1988 Novodel. The next two coins in their cases - I believe they should have their hard plastic case also go for good money with more than 20 dollars each.

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Heh, well thanks for confusing me guys, I really have no idea about these but I can't really believe my coin cases would be worth $100 let alone $200 even on eBay. If that were so, you can make me an offer :ninja:



I don't collect soviet coins, but I hear that coins in original packaging are worth a lot more then just the pieces by themselves. It apparently also counts what packaging they are in since some boxes were less common than others!

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Agreed - it's the packaging that makes people pay for them. Without them, I don't see how any coins top 10 dollars at any time unless you have some desperate buyer or being generous; it's the packaging that makes people think it's scarce and they are indeed uncommon. Best thing is if you can keep it, do so. If not, I'm sure you'll make a good profit on ebay. I'm interested but to put a low bid is offending hence my suggestion on putting them on ebay.


Matt, I didn't notice something up to now, what is that paper documentation that you have there? I don't recall seeing anything like that on the net so far.

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