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Italian Fascist Medal. 1929 or year VII in the Fascist Calendar

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The Fascists were named after the Roman Fasces, the bundle of rods and axe tied with ribbon. carried by the Lictors when accompanying a Magistrate. The Fasces was a symbol of the Authority and Capital Power held by the Magistrate.


Italian Fascist Medal. SORTI DEVOTA FUTURAE Rev: A VII O.N.B. by Papi for Lorioli Castelli Bronze 41mm. The A VII is for year 7 in the Fascist Calendar.


Opera Nazionale Balilla (ONB) was an Italian Fascist youth organization, created through Mussolini's decree of April 3 1926. It was named after Balilla (Giovan Battista Perasso), a semi-legendary Genoese character who started the local revolt of 1746 against the Austrian Habsburg forces that occupied the city in the War of Succession.

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Oh but the italians have been like that a long time haven't they? I have a mental image of the footballer Palo di Canio doing a Nazi salute after a football match with his face all contorted, I think the Germans have this problem too...oh don't forget the BNP in the UK!.. but don't worry, we will exterminate them all one day ;)


SORTI DEVOTA FUTURAE - what does this translate as?? :ninja:

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