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Please can anyone help?


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Hi, I was clearing out some old boxes and came across a bunch of old coins. I'm interested in knowing what they are and if they are worth anything. I managed to find out the info on some of them by googling, but the ones below just don't have any information on them to tell me what they are. They look old though! As you can guess I know nothing about coins....


Here's the first one:





It's got "Britannia 1707" on one side, and "Georgius III DG Rex" on the other.



Next pair, these are really old:






And finally:






All help appreciated, thanks! I've got lots more like the really old ones but they're not in very good condition and didn't photograph well...

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The top one is a 1797 Twopence or Penny, depending on its diameter and worth about $4-$10 depending on the denomination. George III of Britain, quite common.


Good luck with the rest!

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