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Need help with coin values


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Cheers everyone,



Probably no one here noticed that there is a foreign coin or noted as World Coin Forum right here. Might be difficult to notice since it is a whole step down from this forum. What I would suggest with those is to first make a list of the coins, countries, dates, etc and ask there. But first have an idea of the possible grade of the coins.

Next, DO NOT GO TO THE PCGS FORUM for prices of any USA coins. Thier prices are equally as poor as the Red Book. Speaking of the Red Book if you want to get an idea of the coins you have try purchasing a copy of the Red Book by Whitman Publishing. Great book for a little education about coins but the prices are way out of line. The PCGS prices are raised dramatically so people would think all their coins are valuable and send them in for grading and slabbing which naturally cost money. The Red Book's prices are just a dream of what should, could, might be in a few more years but not now.

Many coin web sites have a foreign section where you could ask and get a faily honest evaluation. Like I said there is one right here.

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Unless you have ultra rare coins I would just log onto eBay and check the completed auctions for real world prices of your coins.


While you are there maybe buy a copy of the Red Book, everyone should own one.

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I use a Redbook for relative prices, just to give me an idea. I also use Numismedia when Redbook doesn't list a certain variety. However nothing comes close to eBay's hard-fact true prices. Especially if you're a seller.

As much as I hate ebay and refuse to use it if at all possible, I have to agree with the above. When you consider the virtually millions and millions of people on that site, prices are what they are. No book, magazine, newsleter, etc that has prices means nothing if that is not what the coin is selling for on ebay. The only thing about ebay that is a little misleading on values of anything is that the buyer usually has to pay postage, handling, insurances and occationally a restocking fee if you want to return something. This usually means a $10 item could end up costing a lot more than that. However, ebay is a great price list and when going to a coin store or coin show and you see coins you may want and if you've looked up their prices on ebay, you will always have a better idea of the REAL price.

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