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Interesting piece I would expect only a few hundred would have been minted. Is listed in any of Charletons books I think they have an out of print one on Expo medals?



Leroux:610, Silver medal to commemorate the Chambre d’Agriculture Du Bas Canada founded in 1852. I have no access to Leroux & do not know how many were struck.


I saw one auctioned a year or so ago, but it had a reeded edge. Mine is plain edged with Paris mint marks, which I assume would make mine an older medal. Here is a picture I saved from that auction which shows the edge.




My medal again for comparison.



This comment is from the web:

'Whether the tools or the landscapes were authentically Canadian may be open to doubt in the case of medals obtained from abroad. The medal of the Chambre d'agriculture du Bas Canada, which was founded in 1852, bears the signature of Armand Caque, engraver to the French Emperor Napoleon III. There appears on its shield an interesting device for removing tree stumps, which looks like something one would expect to find in Canada rather than in France, but the skinny creature atop the shield is hardly the beaver most Canadians would recognize! '


The beaver on my medal is skinny, but the beaver on the reeded is larger & fatter! More evidence that my is earlier, perhaps even a pattern, which saw changes made to the die before production.

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