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Seller of fakes on eBay


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Fake 1802 Polupoltinnik:



Fake 1705 Polupoltinnik:



Notice on these two auctions he declines to identify the denomination, and pretends to be ignorant "DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THIS ONE"... plus, he keeps all bidder names private. I have already reported him to eBay's fraud team (ha ha); maybe if more will report him, they'll actually take his auctions down.


Oh, and he is a Russian coin expert in another auction, for a 1749 (probably another fake) Denga: "259 YEARS OLD COIN!!!!REAL RUSSIAN RARITY!!! 1749 - RARE KEA YEAR !!! SUPER NICE , MUSEUM CONDITION FOR IT,S AGE!" - he seems to know something about key dates suddenly...



-- I didn't report this auction, maybe someone who knows these copper issues better can decide if this is also fake and report him.

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1749 is Ok, but it is very common. 1802 is definitely fake, 1705 is very doubtful (I don't know much about Peter's silver). This seller has been around for ages, and always sells a mixed bag. I have noted in the past that he/she often bought fakes and replicas him/herself, I don't know why, and will not search for motives.

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